Family / Novice Trail Day - July 5th, 2008

Despite a late start in the year due to the Forest Closure, the Quad Squad Trail crew was finally able to install the North Lost Creek and South Lost Creek engineered bridges to complete a circuit trail which connects junction points (on Castle Special Management Area Summer Trail Map), starting from the Snowmobile Shelter on Lost Creek, Point 34, South to Points 33, 29 and East to 31 and then NW back to the Shelter on Lost Creek, Point 34.  There is also a secondary route from Point 29 South across the Carbondale River, West for a short distance, then East to Point 30, then 31.  The route designer, Joe Lumley was looking for a trail that was level yet included some hilly sections for a family to take their children or grandchildren riding or for a novice to try out a new sport.  The trail takes a rider through forested areas as well as a large area decimated by the Lost Creek fire.

Snowmobile Shelter on Lost Creek, Point 34, South to Points 33, 29 and East to 31 and then NW back to the Shelter on Lost Creek, Point 34

There are many other trails leading from this riding area South to the Syncline staging area and Gardiner Creek, between North and South Lost Creeks, North to Goat Creek or East to Lynx Creek and Willoughby Ridge.  But remember to stay on the Trails.  Except for the Lost Creek and Carbondale Roads (W and NW from junction 30,31) it is illegal to ride on the roads and if caught, you will be fined.

For those who wish to stay overnight, there are random camping areas at Point 29 known as the Ball Diamond, Points 30, 31 the junction of the Carbondale/Lost Creek Roads and point 34, the Snowmobile Shelter.  A rider will be able to cross over six bridges and low level crossings on North and South Lost Creeks, the Carbondale River, a small stream and washouts caused by heavy rains.  These bridges represent a Quad Squad investment of over $100,000 to protect the environmentally sensitive streams and creeks of SW Alberta for future generations to enjoy.

New bridge at south shelter

July 5th has been chosen as our Family/Novice Trail day at the Lost Creek Snowmobile Shelter.  Bring your family and friends and join us for a free hamburger or hotdog.  All you have to do is register at the Quad Squad office in Coleman, 403-562-8686. 

For those who are not familiar with the area, head South from Hwy 3 on 507 to Beaver Mines, then South on 774 to the turn off (right) to Castle River Bridge Campground, then left at Points 13, 14 (before Gate) over the hill on the O'Hagen Rd. to the bottom, Point 45, then left to Point 31 on the Novice/Family Trail.  Other routes include driving South on the Satoris Rd. through Blairmore or the Adanac Rd. through Hillcrest to Point 56.  Come and enjoy a beautiful part of SW Alberta, but remember to Respect the Land.

Dennis Beasley

New bridge