PDF Maps

On-line maps are now available for many of the trails in the area. All of the maps are in Adobe PDF format, for best results right-click on a link below and choose "Save Target As...".

C5 Area Map (Created by the CNP Quad Squad, covers the area North of Hwy 3)

Castle Area map (Created by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, covers the area South of Hwy 3)

Castle Combined Map (Created by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development March 2011)

Castle Combined Map 2011 

The Ghost Forest Land Use Zone brochure and maps provide important information on the new Ghost Forest Land Use Zone , trail locations and accompanying regulations. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with this information before riding the trails or random camping. To obtain hard copies of the brochure and map please contact the Calgary Sustainable Resource Development Office at the following number (Size: 403) 297 8800 (Size: Toll free, dial 310 0000 first).

Click on the section you wish to download for pdf enlargement. Most files are below 1000 Kb in size. These map panels were designed to be printable on 8.5 x 11 paper, portrait orientation.

Ghost FLUZ

Regional Map (Created by the Quad Squad, covers the region from the US Border, to Calgary, from Hwy 22, to Moyie Lake BC). Highlights many of the recent closures in AB and BC, but with emphasis on where you CAN ride.

BC Southern Rocky Mountains Management Plan (2004) map brochures. These large format maps will be available in printed form to our members free of charge. If you ride in SE BC, these changes will affect you.

2012 ATV Trail Map Reduced.pdf3.64 MB
GhostFLUZ-LargeMap-Mar2010.pdf3.66 MB
Castle combined 2012.pdf1.29 MB
Castle combined 2012.jpg1.45 MB